Jul 252014

J.T. Waldron


On June 30th of this year, three Israeli teens were found dead in Gaza’s occupied territory. With no evidence,  Netenyahu and the Israeli establishment immediately blamed Hamas for the kidnapping and murders.  Few seem concerned that Hamas has no conceivable motive behind this crime.  Exploitation of the tragedy was well coordinated by the press and israeli/U.S. establishment to postpone disclosure of the teens’ murders until the most politically expedient time.  American author/journalist Max Blumenthal suggests the incentive for keeping the teens’ predicament a secret to the public and to the parents:

Critical details that were known all along by Netanyahu and the military-intelligence apparatus were relayed to the Israeli public only after the abduction of more than 560 Palestinians, including at least 200 still held without charges; after the raiding of Palestinian universities and ransacking of countless homes; after six Palestinian civilians were killed by Israeli forces; after American-trained Palestinian Authority police assisted Israeli soldiers attacking Palestinian youths in the center of Ramallah; after the alleged theft by Israeli troops of $3 million in US dollars; and after Israel’s international public relations extravaganza had run its course.

On July 16th, Hamas and Islamic Jihad submitted ten conditions for a ceasefire to Egypt.  Israel refused and proceeded to decimate Gaza with a series of war crimes creatively labeled “Operation Protective Edge”. Hamas’s proposed ceasefire  terms are provided below:

  1. The withdrawal of Israeli military tanks from the border fence area, to a distance which enables Gaza farmers to access their fields and tend them freely.
  2. Israel must free all Palestinian prisoners detained after the abduction and killing of three Israeli teenagers in the southern West Bank, including those who were freed as part of Gilad Shalit prisoner swap. (This precondition also includes softening procedures against all prisoners in Israeli custody, according to Ma’an News Agency.)
  3. Israel must end the crippling siege on Gaza, meaning all border crossings must be opened and the entry of construction materials and all requirements needed to run the Gaza Strip’s power station must be allowed.
  4. An international seaport and airport must be opened in the Strip — one which is to be run and monitored by the United Nations.
  5. Israel increases the Gaza fishing zone to 10 nautical miles and allows Gaza fishermen to use large fishing ships.
  6. the Rafah crossing between Egypt and the Gaza Strip should be monitored by international crews from friendly and Arab countries.
  7. Israel must commit to a 10-year ceasefire which includes closing Gaza airspace to Israeli aircraft.
  8. Israel must give Gaza residents permission to visit Jerusalem and pray at al-Aqsa Mosque.
  9. Israel abstains from any intervention in Palestinian internal affairs, including political arrangements, the reconciliation agreement and all its consequences.
  10. Gaza’s industrial zone must be re-established.

Those controlling  Israel have no interest in negotiating fair demands from Palestinians. They would  rather wipe Palestinians off the map.  Over 800 Palestinians have been killed. Whole families have been wiped out with more than 170 children. Over 5200 are wounded.

Recent footage has emerged showing Israeli snipers picking off civilians looking for their family members in the rubble. Once the family member is shot, Israelis continue strafing him with bullets until he is dead.

U.K. Reporter Jon Snow presents the strain of casualties pouring into the main medical facility in the Gaza Strip.

U.S. media and politicians complicit in genocide: