May 202014

Video courtesy of Russia Today

Mar 062014

J.T. Waldron

amIn the wake of the criticism leveled at Glenn Greenwald and his financier, Pierre Omidyar, it was fun to watch Greenwald latch onto Abby Martin with heaps of praise for her criticizing Russia’s military intervention in Crimea. It was like watching Second City TV’s “Sammy Maudlin Show”. Recent developments have us tuned in to see how ‘Maudlin’ Greenwald will get after the New York Times tried to discredit Martin for her involvement with the 9/11 truth movement. Robert Mackey’s hit piece in the New York Times attempts to shame those who question the official story of 9/11.

Ms. Martin’s comments were less surprising to viewers more familiar with her work as a commentator and antiwar activist whose animating obsession has been her conviction that the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, were part of a government conspiracy.”

Then the New York Times provides the following embed of an early Abby Martin hanging with 9/11 Truth Los Angeles, one of the more effective and influential localized 9/11 truth groups.  This is where the attempt to discredit actually helps the cause:

Mackey’s defense for bringing up Martin’s 9/11 truth past is that it provides “context” to Martin’s views about Crimea. Such “context” is another attempt to shame the 9/11 truth movement and is promoting one of the real political agendas behind the 9/11 terrorist attacks: to suggest those who question the official story of 9/11 may be discredited and to help 9/11 facilitators evade justice. The idea of casting Martin’s efforts with 9/11 truth in a negative light as a means of “providing context to Martin’s views about Crimea” makes the political agenda of the New York Times self evident.

Some suggest that 9/11 is now irrelevant as it happened so long ago. The fact that it happened 12-1/2 years ago means little compared to the fact that we are still living in the political landscape designed by those who facilitated the attacks. This involves the Patriot Act, Homeland Security, torture, disarmament, NSA overreach, the Middle East agenda and many tactics aimed at eroding our civil liberties. The lack of attention to the 9/11 attacks is a crime in itself that allows for the continuation of the political agenda behind these terrorist acts.

Since so much effort was used as praise for Martin’s “journalistic independence”, a lack response or follow up by Greenwald to these recent developments would show a huge imbalance. We all hope to see something from Greenwald about the New York Times, their political agenda and their treatment of Abby Martin as she supports 9/11 truth.