Jun 152015

On June 24th, citizens concerned with the lives, liberty and equity lost to the’War on Terror’ will gather at the Oregon Capitol Building to roll out “World Trade Center Seven Awareness Day”.  World Trade Center Seven (WTC7) was the forty-seven story Solomon Brothers Building that collapsed like a traditional controlled demolition in the afternoon of  September 11, 2001.

ReThink911-Street-Handout-hInformation booths will be located in the Oregon State Capitol lobby and outdoors on the front Capitol lawn from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM in a campaign to inform the public about the third skyscraper’s symmetrical free-fall collapse.  The National Institute of Standards and Technology claims that WTC 7 is the only skyscraper to ever collapse because of fire.

At 6:00 PM, Architect Richard Gage (AIA) will appear in the nearby Ford Film Theatre to deliver a science-based presentation on behalf of 2,300 engineers and architects who are demanding a new independent investigation into the thorough destruction of WTC 7 which happened on the same day of 9/11.

The theatre is located in the Willamette University’s Ford Hall across the street from the Capitol Building at 1140 State Street in Salem, Oregon.  Portland Community College’s 9/11 Studies Club is a co-sponsor.Gage

According to event founder Marv Sannes, “WTC 7 Awareness Day is a solemn acknowledgement of all the people who have died in the wake of 9/11, the 6.5 trillion dollars spent in endless wars, and the loss of basic freedoms under the
premise of national security”.

For more information, contact: 
Marv Sannes
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May 242015

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May 212015

Audio enhanced version courtesy of Intercept Media.  Original capture provided by TruckersforTruth.com

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Mar 242014


This is a response to the hit piece attacking architect Richard Gage and his organization, Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, which consists of over two thousand architects and engineers citing evidence of controlled demolitions for World Trade Centers One, Two, and Seven.

It’s difficult to comprehend how many people will voluntarily protect the political agenda of those who facilitated the terrorist attacks on 9/11/01.  Are we to believe that your editorial staff, writers and producers elected to betray their own intellect, abandon what minimal scientific education was provided to them to exhibit genuine ignorance?  Not likely.

Do you really think your organization will be excused in the public eye for continuing to lie to the public and protect those who were capable of orchestrating this deadly PR stunt?

We understand how the NSA and the Pentagon have littered the web with operatives trying to debunk the fundamental laws of physics, but those nameless shills will disappear as the number of people who acknowledge the demolitions continues to grow.  This elementary scientific disclosure will spread throughout a substantial portion of the population, but the Sun News Media will have nowhere to hide.  What follows are long discussions over whether major propaganda tools like your Sun News can be considered accessories to the terrorist attacks of 9/11.  One small footnote in recent history is Judith Miller and the New York Times selling WMD lies to promote war crimes in Iraq.   That was simply one branch in the standing oak aftermath of 9/11.  The Toronto Sun knowingly perpetuates the myths of 9/11 to fulfill the political agenda behind those terrorist attacks.  The memory of your paper’s act will be forever etched in the minds of those who were betrayed by your lies.

J.T. Waldron

Toronto Sun’s hit piece is included in Press for Truth’s Gage coverage below: