Apr 302015

Video courtesy of  XRepublic.tv

Obama Executive Order 13528 and the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878

Baltimore riots: Police and National Guard snatch and grab activist on live TV

The Media’s Blackout Of The National Defense Authorization Act Is Shameful

THE COUP OF 2012: Encroachment upon Basic Freedoms, Militarized Police State in America

Local police forces are now little armies. Why?

Obama’s gift to al-Qaida, support for tyranny, and FBI monitoring of dissent

Fear of Tyranny Is Now Treated As A Psychiatric Disorder In The West

‘Continuity of Government’ Planning: War, Terror and the Supplanting of the U.S. Constitution

America’s Descent into Deception and Tyranny: Agenda Prevails Over Truth

Profit Driven Prison Industrial Complex: The Economics of Incarceration in the USA

Military on Patrol in Columbus, GA

“Police State” episode of hit Ventura show covering FEMA camps pulled from air

City of Chicago and the Secret Service Tell Milwaukee Red Cross to Prepare To Evacuate Chicago During NATO Summit