Dec 132014

J.T. Waldron

Oakland Police Lieutenant Chris Bolton confirmed that officers “from another agency” were operating undercover in an incident stemming from a demonstration over police killings of Michael Brown and Eric Garner. He also encouraged witnesses to come forward with information about what happened before the undercover officers were “forced to make an arrest”. The prevailing posts by protesters using social media report that suspicious masked hooligans tried to rile the crowd by banging on store windows while encouraging the demonstrators to loot the stores. Some became suspicious and took the mask off of one of the officers, which prompted a series of arrests.

Apparently, outing an official agent provocateur gets a gun waved at your face. Whether it’s homeland security or the FBI, we can be sure that the goal is political in nature. Inciting riots and violence to promote public disdain for open opposition to uniformed murderers is another act of terrorism.


In the immediate aftermath of the incident, one of the provocateurs is being assisted by the Oakland police department.

Here is fortuitous footage of similar scenario played out in Canada in 2009:

Nov 252014


Video courtesy of TruthStream Media

Ferguson: Why was the grand jury decision kept secret for hours?

(CNN) — During the height of the months-long protests in Ferguson last summer, police said demonstrators could protest all they want — as long as they stayed home after dark.
The reasoning back then: Troublemakers from outside the city come in to create chaos under cover of darkness, making police’s job of maintaining order difficult.

And yet, even though a grand jury reached a decision on whether to indict Officer Darren Wilson by Monday afternoon, the decision wasn’t publicized until hours later — around 8 p.m. in Missouri. Read More

In case you haven’t experienced live the minutiae required to legally sanctify the Brown shooting.  Remind me, what is the prosecutor’s role again?   To serve as a defense attorney?:

Demonstration of desperate times:

With 90 thousand viewers, Livestreamer Bassem Masri has had phone stolen while streaming