Jul 302015

Video courtesy of BeautifulGirlByDana

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Officials: Buildings sinking next to Fukushima reactors

Gov’t Official: Chilling report from Pacific Ocean… “Silence on the seas” — “Quite literally, there isn’t any fish” — Japan

YouTube Removes Undercover Video Showing Whole Foods GMO Misinformation

Homeland Security Teams Up With YouTube To Take Down Controversial Videos

Photos of Melted Fuel Oozing out of Unit 4 in Fukushima!

Fukushima Melted Reactors Worst Than All Nuclear Testing & Accidents Combined

Wow! It Appears Fukushima Is Causing Americans To Get Cancer

Does Truth Have A Future In America?

Government Orders You Tube To Censor Protest Videos

Israel War Crime Videos Now Violate YouTube Policy? ‘Sorry About That’

Abnormalities, Deformities, and Resilience: New Research on Radiation and Wildlife in Chernobyl and Fukushima

Jun 172015


Video courtesy of BeautifulGirlByDana

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New gov’t document lists ‘Fukushima release along west coast of US’ as possible factor in birth defect cluster

Radiation risks from Fukushima ‘no longer negligible’

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Fukushima radiation now detected in the U.S. food supply

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The Fukushima Secrecy Syndrome – From Japan to America

Holy Fukushima – Radiation From Japan Is Already Killing North Americans

Fukushima’s comeback: Radiation from unending mess could threaten Alaska’s fisheries

Bill Passed: EPA Must Take Advice from Industry Shills, NOT from Independent Scientists