Nov 252014


Video courtesy of TruthStream Media

Ferguson: Why was the grand jury decision kept secret for hours?

(CNN) — During the height of the months-long protests in Ferguson last summer, police said demonstrators could protest all they want — as long as they stayed home after dark.
The reasoning back then: Troublemakers from outside the city come in to create chaos under cover of darkness, making police’s job of maintaining order difficult.

And yet, even though a grand jury reached a decision on whether to indict Officer Darren Wilson by Monday afternoon, the decision wasn’t publicized until hours later — around 8 p.m. in Missouri. Read More

In case you haven’t experienced live the minutiae required to legally sanctify the Brown shooting.  Remind me, what is the prosecutor’s role again?   To serve as a defense attorney?:

Demonstration of desperate times:

With 90 thousand viewers, Livestreamer Bassem Masri has had phone stolen while streaming